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Method Oriented


The M.O.S.T.® system is a proven safety system used to create employee buy-in and change your safety culture!
The M.O.S.T.® Behavioral System will be customized to fit your company.

Our consultants begin with observations of employee work methods that help us provide valuable feedback to management.

Our next step is a highly interactive set of training sessions with Supervisors, then front line employees.

Supervisor Training is the key to success!

* Ask the right questions to avoid a fraudulent claim

* Utilize modified duty to your benefit

* Become a Certified Method Observer and Safety Trainer®

* Reduce human errors and injuries while increasing production and quality

Mock OSHA inspections with training completed while onsite and unlimited support on questions related to OSHA and workers' compensation.

Custom weekly safety topics to keep things fresh and monthly training topics are available.


The Method Observer Safety Trainer®System helps front line supervisors become effective safety supervisors. Many supervisors have commented that this system helps them gain confidence with increased management skills.

The M.O.S.T.® System will increase supervisory effectiveness not only in safety, but also in productivity and quality management.